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Whether you need a CMMI appraisal, are looking for CMMI or Scrum Training, or are seeking to improve software and engineering performance, Broadsword uses a double-edged approach to get results quickly.

On the down stroke, we drop the weight of our sharp, professionally packaged solutions. Each solution includes methods, techniques, and tools that have worked for hundreds of companies and that are customizable for you. On the upstroke, we clear away obstacles, roadblocks and threats before you even see them coming. Broadsword does it all. We offer a range of solutions from our agileCMMI Methodology to our CMMI Accelerator product, from SCAMPI Appraisals and Agile Assessments to CMMI training and CMMI and Scrum consulting. Our agileSCAMPI method streamlines all of our appraisals to make them more useful and efficient. Our experience is deep in fields such as management consulting, engineering, project management, and process improvement.

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Broadsword’s comprehensive, evidence-based appraisals give you the information you need to create ongoing performance improvement and to operate your business more effectively.

We perform CMMI SCAMPI A, B and C Appraisals and conduct comprehensive assessments of your agile and Scrum implementations.

Broadsword’s Appraisal offerings include:


We offer more than twenty different training courses related to CMMI, Scrum, facilitation, project management, and other software process improvement topics – and each one is a truly remarkable experience.

Click here to see our Training offerings that include:

  • CMMI Institute Authorized course like “Introduction to CMMI
  • CMMI courses like “CMMI- All you need to know!”
  • Agile courses like “Introduction to Scrum,”  “Scrum+CMMI, ” and “Agile Resiliency”
  • Process improvement courses like “Process Implementation Boot Camp”
  • Methods and techniques courses like “Agile Estimation”
  • Organizational learning like our famous “Project-in-a-Box”
  • Appraisal related courses like “The Secrets of SCAMPI Appraisals.”

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Our consulting team can help you accelerate your performance. With their deep industry experience and strong consulting skills, our consultants will help you achieve the results you want and need.

Broadsword offers a complete, holistic approach and practical, scalable solutions.

Our consulting services are offered in the following distinct categories:


Workshops for Acceleration

Broadsword workshops are popular, fun, hands-on working sessions in a structured environment, designed to move you rapidly toward a goal you are trying to achieve. We offer them as one-to-three-day intensives. Here’s what you experience:

  • Get educated
  • Try it yourself
  • Be mentored
  • Try it again
  • Make breakthrough discoveries

Our workshop offerings include:

  • Configuration Management Workshop
  • Decision Analysis Workshop
  • Estimation Workshop
  • Measurement Workshop
  • Organizational Change Management Workshop
  • Process Architecture Workshop
  • Project-in-a-Box Workshop
  • Process Quality Workshop
  • Process Strategy Workshop
  • Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience
  • Agile Resiliency
  • CMMI Executive Briefing
  • Agile Transformation
  • Multi-Model Improvement with CMMI, ISO, and Automotive SPICE

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Products to Sharpen Your Start

We’ve designed our products to complement our training and consulting offerings, or each product can also stand alone as a jump-start kit for process improvement. Our CMMI Accelerator Toolkit includes sample policies and process descriptions that are designed to be customized for your use, helping you avoid the drudgery of creating the documents and files on your own. Simply change the header name to your organization’s name and adopt it, just the way it is worded, and get started with higher quality, quicker.

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CMMI Accelerator v2.3

Designed to accelerate your organization’s software process improvement, our CMMI Accelerator is a set of proven templates, processes, policies, and work products that help restore predictability to engineering and puts your organization on the path to greatness. The real jewel in our CMMI Accelerator is the CMMI Accelerator User Guide. The User Guide is jam-packed full of examples, advice, and tips on how to manage and execute projects using the CMMI. The CMMI Accelerator, delivered on CD and organized by CMMI Maturity Level, includes the CMMI Accelerator for Level 2 and the CMMI Accelerator for Level 3, which are to be used as jump start kits for launching your own Engineering processes.

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agileCMMI Methodology

agileCMMI is an incremental and iterative method that leads you directly down the path to greatness. Our branded approach allows organizations to build things, pilot them, learn as they go, get feedback, determine what changes to make, and to make them. Because agileCMMI calls for performing incremental actions and building upon everything that has come before, work is done in short iterations. Your organization goes through an incremental and iterative process over time, until you have a complete, high performing engineering process.

agileCMMI is available for licensing or as a package of services delivered by our world-class consultants.

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