Broadsword makes appraisals easier for you. We’re a CMMI Institute Partner licensed to perform all classes of SCAMPI Appraisals for CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC.

We’ve been there – right where you are. Every one of our consultants has been an engineer, a software developer, or a project manager and knows what it’s like to adopt processes and be appraised. Our approach to appraisals is just enough – not too much.

Though proud of our advanced degrees and training from prestigious universities, the Broadsword team takes a practical, not academic, approach to problem solving. Because we’ve seen engineering work done so many different ways over the years, we understand what you go through every day. As a result, we don’t try to fit you into the CMMI model. We make the CMMI fit into you.

And, if you are an agile organization, we can help you understand how well your company’s implementation of agile methods and Scrum is working. Our unique appraisal approach gets rid of the guesswork and provides a detailed, quantitative assessment.

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Our Appraisal offerings include:

SCAMPI Appraisals

Appraisals are designed to help your organization identify operational strengths and weaknesses. The formal method used to evaluate an organization’s performance is the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI).

There are three “classes” of SCAMPI Appraisals – SCAMPI A, SCAMPI B, and SCAMPI C. Broadsword is licensed to deliver all three.

Most of our clients “cycle” through multiple appraisals, starting with SCAMPI C, as a way to mitigate risks and identify gaps, followed by a SCAMPI B “test run,” and then a SCAMPI A – the most rigorous class of appraisal and the only one that results in a formal CMMI Maturity Level or Capability Level Rating.



A SCAMPI A is the only class of appraisal that results in a “maturity” or “capability” rating.

Organizations wishing to attain a CMMI Rating (“Level”) must conduct a SCAMPI A Appraisal. A SCAMPI A is a team-based event which is led by an external “Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser” who has been certified by the CMMI Institute and Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to perform SCAMPI Appraisals.

For more information, go to SCAMPI A.



A SCAMPI B is also a formal appraisal, though it does not result in a rating (or “level”). This appraisal serves as a rigorous risk management tool to give you the information you need to completely understand your current state relative to the CMMI. In particular, the SCAMPI B appraisal will provide you with enough data to determine whether you are likely to succeed in the formal SCAMPI A.



A SCAMPI C is primarily used as a “gap analysis” tool and does not result in a rating. It is a tremendously useful tool regardless of your desire to achieve a CMMI rating. The SCAMPI C is first and foremost a way for your company to find out how you stack up against the CMMI model and other companies that are using it.

CMMI Mini-Appraisal

A CMMI Mini-Appraisal is a low cost alternative when you are just looking for solid information about the process performance of your organization. It will give you the information you need to start improving – right away.

CMMI Micro-Assessment

Take our “CMMI Micro-Assessment” and find out where you stand!

Appraisal Sequence

Each of our clients has unique goals, and we will help you customize your own plan and approach. The most typical sequence of events includes:

  1. SCAMPI C Appraisal
  2. Process Improvement Program Planning
  3. CMMI Training
  4. Design, Develop, and Deploy process architecture and components
  5. Training in “techniques” (estimating, planning, code reviews, etc.)
  6. Appraisal Planning
  7. Readiness Review with go/no-go decision
  8. SCAMPI Appraisal Team Training
  9. SCAMPI B Appraisal
  10. Performance Improvement Planning
  11. Process “Tune-up”
  12. Readiness Review
  13. SCAMPI A Appraisal
  14. Celebrate an awesome accomplishment!

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Agile and Scrum Appraisals

Are your agile and Scrum implementations giving you the results you are looking for? Broadsword provides an independent, evidence-based appraisal to verify the effectiveness of your agile methods and Scrum performance. Contact Broadsword to learn more.