Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience

Trying to figure out how to make Scrum and CMMI work together?

Not getting the results from Scrum you were hoping for?

Broadsword’s “Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience” is a unique and collaborative 2-day intensive workshop that gives you hands-on and practical experience using Scrum, and making Scrum better with the CMMI.

Using Scrum to teach Scrum, our Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience is based on a set of User Stories that include content about both Scrum and CMMI, Scrum Elements, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum Teams, Storytime, Sprint Planning,  Sprint Reviews (Demos), Retrospectives, Agile Estimating, CMMI Practices, Institutionalizing Scrum . . . and more!

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Scrum team recites Haiku about Scrum Artifacts

CMMI, CMMI Appraisal, Scrum, Scrum+CMMI, CMMI Consultant

Scrum Team performs a skit about Scrum Elements

CMMI, Scrum, Scrum+CMMI, CMMI Consultant, CMMI Appraisal

Scrum team uses CMMI to improve their Sprint Planning

CMMI, Scrum, CMMI+Scrum, CMMI Appraisal, CMMI Consultant

A Scrum Team has Storytime

Broadsword has delivered CMMI and Scrum classes at dozens of companies over the past ten years.  But that’s just the beginning of what we do.

We are the industry leader at delivering agile solutions that integrate agile methods with the CMMI.  Our “agileCMMI” methodology is based on Scrum and is an iterative and incremental method for designing and deploying process solutions.

Broadsword will deliver the 2-day Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience at your location in North America for ten or more attendees. All materials, hand-outs, and a copy of “The Elements of Scrum,” by Chris Sims and Hillary Johnson, will be included.

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