Looking for CMMI help in Virginia?

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Organizations in Virginia turn to Broadsword for information about the CMMI and CMMI Appraisals (“SCAMPI Appraisals”) for two main reasons:

They want to be a great company.

They know that by adopting the CMMI, they can put themselves on what Broadsword calls the “Path to Greatness.”  Working with Broadsword, they know that their CMMI Appraiser will teach them to think like a great company.  This will allow them to use the CMMI as a strategic weapon to help attract and retain new customers.

They understand that CMMI Maturity Levels are a reality in our industry.

Many small and large businesses in Virginia must achieve a Maturity Level in order to bid on contracts worth millions, if not hundreds-of-millions of dollars.  So the question of so-called CMMI compliance and CMMI certification, while of secondary importance in our view, is still a reality.

Broadsword’s Virginia-based CMMI consultants acknowledge that reality for Virginia organizations interested in a CMMI appraisal.  We know that your business will rise or fall on whether or not you are bothgreat at what you do and achieve a CMMI rating.

We set you on that path with Virginia-based CMMI TrainingCMMI ConsultingScrum training, and CMMI Appraisals. While the SEI doesn’t use the phrase “CMMI Certification” we know that sometimes the certificate is important to you.  We’ll help you get both the benefits AND the rating.

We work with great Virginia companies like SAIC, Sapient, Synexxus, MetroStar, ASM Research, Guident, AgileX, and more.

But CMMI is only a small part of what we do.  Our solutions include our Scrum+CMMI Learning Experience, accelerated workshops, inovative techniques, products, and consulting that will radically improve performance and increase quality.

Why do Virginia companies choose Broadsword?

Be a great company.  Contact Broadsword.

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